IE-2AD: Chime Tone Intercom System

The IE-2AD Series is a chime tone intercom system with door release that supports up to three handset room stations and two door stations.


  • Door answering handset intercom
  • 2 door and 3 inside stations
  • Selective door release with the RY-3DL
  • All Call type room calling
  • Door monitoring at master station
  • AC or DC powered – (12 – 16V AC or 12 – 24V DC)


Power Source
12-16V AC, 200mA
12-24V DC, 200mA
AC Transformer for IE & EL-12S, PS-1225

Door calls in with 4 or 2-tone chime to all stations, chime can be cut at sub, pick up any handset to reply, press CALL to call other stations with pre-tone and voice

Door Release

Contact rating: 24V AC/DC, 500mA


Door to master: 2-cond., overall shield Master to subs: 6-cond., overall shield


Door to master: 500’(22AWG) 1,180’(18AWG) Master to farthest sub: 250’(22AWG) 590’(18AWG)

Wire Type

For distance over 200m, please call Aiphone Pty Ltd.
AE7090220B: 200m Beige Ø0.9mm
AE7090220G: 200m Gray Ø0.9mm
AE7090210B: 100m Beige Ø0.9mm
AE7090210G: 100m Gray Ø0.9mm


  • Download FileIE CAD Drawings