MC-60/4A: MarketCom System

The MC-60/4A Series is a handset style paging/communication system for use in marketplace applications. Each station has a 4 line capacity with a separate paging channel.


  • Maximum 60-station paging & communication system
  • Selective 4 talk channels with in-use LED’s
  • Conference call among 3 stations
  • Reinforced modular coil cord on MC-60/4A
  • Pick up any handset, select channel number and talk
  • Desk mount intercom is available (MC-60/4B)
  • Background music mutes after a pre-tone is heard to announce upcoming page

Power Source
24V DC – Use PS-2420
Pick-up and depress channel selector 1~4 and page with PAGE button Called party picks up and presses lit LED channel button
7 wires in loop, non-twisted, low capacitance (PE insulation)
MC-A/A to farthest MC-60/4A or MC-60/4B* on block: 1,700’(22AWG) 4,000’(18AWG) *Total cumulative wiring distance between MC-60/4A or Total cumulative wiring distance between MC-60/4A or MC-60/4B: 5,000’(22AWG)
Wire Type
please call Aiphone Pty Ltd.
  • Download FileMC Series CAD Drawings
  • Download PDF FileModification: MC-60/4A with MC-3