The Customer Service staff can provide you general information on who you can talk to for a specific inquiry, general pricing information and order tracking information.

If you DO NOT have a direct account with Aiphone:

Orders – contact the company where the order was placed.
Pricing – contact your local representative for pricing.
General Enquiry – call 0207 507 6250

If you have a direct account with Aiphone:

Checking on a Previously Placed Order?

Have as much information as possible available when contacting us. We will need your PO# (if applicable), the date the order was placed, and what was contained in the order.

Order cut offs

Orders received by 12.30PM will ship next business day. Orders received after 12.30PM  will ship in two business days

Product Availability

Aiphone cannot guarantee 100% product availability of all items at all times, and cannot be held liable should a product be backordered. Aiphone makes every effort to anticipate sales volume and to maintain a complete inventory of our regular product line. However, there are occasions when certain items may be out of stock and forced into a backorder status. If a product is on backorder, Aiphone personnel will inform you, at the time of order, of the backorder status. An estimated ship date may be available, however these dates are subject to change and Aiphone cannot be held liable if a product is not shipped by the estimated date given.


If you would like to speak to anyone in our team about any of our products, please get in touch