IE-8MD: Chime Tone Intercom System

The IE-8MD Series is a chime tone intercom system with door release that supports up to six handset room stations and two door stations. The room stations allow for selective calling or All Call between rooms.


  • Two doors with selective door release
  • Room-to-room calling or All Call
  • Easy 4 conductor wiring between handsets
  • 2 wires to door stations, same as doorbell
  • External doorbell can be added
  • AC or DC powered – (12 – 16V AC or 12 – 18V DC)


Power Source
12-16V AC, 900mA
12-18V DC, 500mA
Intercom Only: 12V or18V DC power supply. AC Transformer 12V AC, 10VA or 16V AC, 14VA w/no load voltage 20V or less
Intercom + EL-12S: 12V AC, 10VA only

Door calls in with 4 or 2-tone chime and LED, pick up any handset to reply, press 1- 6 to call other station with pre-tone and voice or All Call, single channel, common talk system

Door Release

Contact rating: 24V AC/DC, 350mA


Door to master: 2-cond. Master to subs: 4-cond.


Door to master: 500’(22AWG) 1,180’(18AWG) Master to farthest sub: 245’(22AWG) 580’(18AWG)

Wire Type

For distance over 200m, please call Aiphone Pty Ltd.
AE7090220B: 200m Beige Ø0.9mm
AE7090220G: 200m Gray Ø0.9mm
AE7090210B: 100m Beige Ø0.9mm
AE7090210G: 100m Gray Ø0.9mm


  • Download FileIE CAD Drawings