The TC-M Series is an internal telephone type system that will support up to two masters and sixty handset sub stations.


  • Single or dual master system, expandable to 80 stations
  • 10 and 20-call masters, with 20 and 40-call add-on selectors
  • Handset sub stations
  • Pick up handset to call, with tone and LED annunciation at master
  • Handset subs talk to each other through connection at master
Power Source
18V DC, 350mA – Use PS-1820
Pick up TB-SE handset, rings TC-M with tremolo and LED, staying lit until answered, at TC-M, pick up and press lit selector button to reply
Sub to master: 2-cond., overall shield
Distance Sub to master: 400m(0.65mmØ) 900m(1.0mmØ)
Between masters: 200m(0.65mmØ) 480m(1.0mmØ)
Wire Type For distance over 200m, please call Aiphone Pty Ltd.
AE7090220B: 200m Beige Ø0.9mm
AE7090220G: 200m Gray Ø0.9mm
AE7090210B: 100m Beige Ø0.9mm
AE7090210G: 100m Gray Ø0.9mm
TC-M-Series- Aiphone UK