The TD-H Series is a multi-channel selective-call handset intercom system. With five different call handsets, the system can be configured to meet most any selective calling application.


  • Handsets available in 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24-station sizes
  • Audio door stations can be added (1 or 2 doors)
  • Paging zone with optional talkback
  • External signaling device when calling a handset (RY-AC/A required)
Power Source
12V DC, 70wA – Use PS-1225
Communication Simultaneous through handset
Door Release Contact rating: 30V AC/DC, 1A
2 or 3 + number of TD-H/B in loop, non-shielded
Distance IE Doors to DE-UR: 150m(0.65mmØ) 230m(0.8mmØ)
Between TD-H/B: 650m(0.65mmØ) 230m(0.8mmØ)


TD-H-Series-Aiphone UK
Master 25 - Aiphone UK