Beer & BBQ Season

Picture the scene, in the garden, suns blazing, the beers are on ice, the fire is grilling some succulent treats you are the host with the most…….. All of a sudden you are interrupted by your sporadically timed friends! Up and down to the door like a fiddlers elbow, burgers burning to a crisp and returning to warm beer….. the horror!
We have the solution, our JO-1VW kit, equipped with the ability to answer, view and release your door at the touch of a button, you will never be in such a predicament again.
Control the grill while greeting your pals, never cremate a sausage again….. well at least because you had to keep going to the door.
The moderately priced JOS-1VW is a 1 to 1 kit with built in WIFI capability, 7″ monitor,  vandal resistant door station & an 18V power supply.
The mobile app is free to download onApple & Android and supports up to 8 devices

Aiphone UK Turns 4 Years old. Happy Birthday to us! Thank you in advance for all of our presents.

To celebrate our birthday we are giving our subscribers the chance to win an Aiphone system