Single & Multi-Tenant Handset Intercom

Freakishly Reliable

Aiphone is proud to be a rare, two-time winner of the prestigious Deming Prize for quality management and manufacturing processes. Our ISO Certified process and rigorous standards result in some of the most reliable products in the industry. Aiphone products routinely last for years, only being replaced when the application outgrows the system capacity.


  • A convenient box set complete with tenant station, a 1-call entrance station, and a power supply (up to 3 more tenant stations can be added for a full 1 x 4 system)
  • 2-wire system is quick and easy to install
  • Door release powered by door station without the need of an additional transformer
  • Backlit directory on door station
  • Option button to control an external device
  • Call tone volume control with mute indicator
Power Source: 15V AC – use PT-1211C
Communication: Handset (full-duplex)
Door Release: 9.5~20V AC, 70Ω or higher resistance – use EL-12S
Wire Type: Entrance Station to Tenant Station: 2-cond., overall shield – use Aiphone #822202 or 2-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded – use Aiphone #871802 
Power Supply to Tenant Station: 2-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded – use Aiphone #871802
Distance: Power Supply to Entrance Station or Door Strike (cumulative): 360′(22AWG) 1,020′(18AWG)
Power Supply to Tenant Station: 180′(22AWG) 510′(18AWG
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