Aiphone WAVE Touch-free Module

The WAVE module is a COVID-secure touch-free sensor module. Designed for one-way entrance stations, it’s low-profile design complements building exteriors.
This touch-free module is compatible with the GT, IX, JO and JP Series and is available for new or existing systems.

This touch-free button will reduce exposure to germs in high-touch areas. The button operates by using a sensor to detect the visitor’s hands at a 10cm distance. It prevents any motion from triggering a call beyond this range to avoid false activation.


  • Touch-Free calling
  • Motion Detection
  • Sensor button illuminated blue on standby and changes to green to indicate activation
  • Weather Resistant
  • COVID-Secure solution
  • Optimal Hand Hygiene
  • Flexible system from Audio only to Full IP system
  • Compatible with GT, IX, JO & JP Series Panels
S1 WAVE module