The YAZ-90-3W is a microprocessor based phone-style intercom system that will support up to 90 stations. Each station can dial a 2-digit number and communicate with other station or initiate a page to a single paging zone.


  • Microprocessor built-in intercom expandable to maximum 90 stations on 4-pair cable
  • Up to 2.9km wiring distance total
  • Communication functions: Camp-on busy, secretary transfer, call transfer
  • Paging or multiple zone paging with optional talk back
  • Line-off trouble on one channel does not affect the other channels
Power Source
DC 24V, 150mA max. 20mA standby Use PS-2420 per 30-station block
Communication Dial 2-digit station # to ring other station with tone or voice by pressing PAGE button, privacy communication on each channel (max. 3)
Line loop Must not exceed 200Ω for farthest stations, resistance 20Ω for power line
Wiring 4-twisted pairs (shielded) in loop
Distance Cumulative wiring between YAZ masters: 1900m(0.65mmØ) 2900m(0.8mmØ)
Wire type please call Aiphone Pty Ltd.


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