The AP-M Series is a high powered intercom system that supports two masters and up to ten subs or speakers. This system is ideal for applications with high ambient background noise such as truck scales or industrial plants.


  • High-powered 10W output for large or high noise areas
  • One or two masters can be included
  • Hands-free reply from remote area
  • AP-1M, AP-5M, or AP-10M master stations available, desk or wall mount
  • Use 8 ohm horn speaker for maximum output, or wall or ceiling speaker sub stations
  • Subs call master with LED and electronic tone
  • Built-in power supply
Power Source
110~125V AC, 50/60Hz

Sub calls in with tone and LED, 15 sec., depress selector and use TALK/LISTEN switch, All Call selectively to max. 5 subs, max. 10W transmit (adjustable), 300mW receive (adjustable)

Communication Output

Doors/Subs/Horns to master: 2-cond., overall shield


Doors/Subs/Horns to master: 490’(22AWG) 1,200’(18AWG)

Wire Type

please call Aiphone Pty Ltd.

Spec Sheet:
Installation & Operation
Master 1or2 Sub 10 - Aiphone UK